Treadmill Effects on Your Bum Size: Will It Make It Smaller?

Are you wondering if spending hours on the treadmill can actually make your bum smaller? You’re not alone! 

Many fitness enthusiasts have pondered this question, and in this blog post, we’re going to discover whether the treadmill can truly help you achieve that toned, slimmer bum you’ve been working towards. 

We’ll also explore the science and benefits of treadmill workouts on your bum and provide practical insights. So, if you’re curious about the treadmill’s impact on your bum, keep reading! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Treadmill workouts can aid weight loss, indirectly contributing to a smaller bum through overall fat reduction.
  • Glute engagement techniques and interval training can help tone and target the glutes during treadmill workouts.
  • Combining treadmill exercises with off-treadmill movements like lunges and squats intensifies glute workouts.
  • Various treadmill routines, from hill climbing to high-intensity intervals, offer diverse ways to target glutes.
  • A balanced diet, caloric deficit, and avoiding processed foods complement treadmill workouts for effective results.
  • Consider your health, consult professionals if needed, and monitor your heart rate while using a treadmill.

Does the Treadmill Make Your Bum Smaller?

Treadmill workouts are known for their calorie-burning potential, which can aid in weight loss.

When you engage in treadmill running or walking, your body expends energy, primarily in the form of calories. The number of calories burned depends on your workout intensity, weight, and duration. 

A study published in the “National Library of Medicine” found that treadmill running effectively reduced body mass and fat in overweight and obese adults.

Dr. Michael Joyner, a professor of exercise physiology at Mayo Clinic, states that the more calories you burn through a treadmill and maintain a blanched diet, the more likely you are to lose weight. So, the more weight you lose, the smaller your bum will become.

However, the fat loss that occurs is distributed throughout your body, and you cannot selectively target one area for fat reduction.

Note that the impact of treadmill workouts on your bum’s size also depends on your body composition. 

If you have a higher percentage of body fat, losing fat through treadmill workouts and a proper diet can lead to a smaller bum. On the other hand, if you have a lower body fat percentage, the effect on your bum’s size may be more focused on muscle development.

Tips for Maximizing Glute Engagement on the Treadmill

Proper Treadmill Form and Posture

Achieving a smaller bum starts with using the treadmill correctly. Proper form and posture can make a significant difference in targeting your glute muscles effectively. Here are some expert insights:

Maintain an Upright Posture: To effectively activate your glute muscles, stand tall with your shoulders back and your core engaged. Avoid leaning forward or hunching over, as this can minimize glute activation.

Use a Moderate Incline: Slightly elevate the treadmill incline to mimic uphill walking, as this can activate the glutes more than walking on a flat surface. Start with a 2-3% incline and gradually increase it as your strength improves.

Take Longer Strides: Aim for longer strides rather than short, quick steps. This engages your glutes more as your leg muscles work harder to propel you forward.

Avoid Holding onto the Rails: Holding onto the treadmill rails can reduce the engagement of your lower body muscles, including the glutes. Trust your balance and try to let go unless safety requires you to hold on.

Incorporating Interval Training and Incline Variations

Interval training and incline variations can be powerful tools for making your bum smaller while toning your glutes. Here’s how to use them effectively:

Interval Training: Incorporate high-intensity running or brisk walking intervals with recovery periods. 

Based on a research study published in the “National Library of Medicine” (2017), it was found that high-intensity interval training is an efficient method for decreasing body fat and reducing calories within a shorter duration.

Switch Up the Incline: Varying the incline throughout your workout challenges your glutes from different angles. Mix flat, uphill, and downhill segments to target various glute muscle fibers.

The social media star, Lauren Giraldo, had an experience walking on an incline, a practice proven to yield benefits such as enhanced weight loss. In total, Lauren achieved a weight loss of 30 pounds.

Lunges and Squats: Combine treadmill workouts with off-treadmill exercises like lunges and squats. These compound movements engage the glutes intensely and help build strength.

Additional Exercises and Stretches

To complement your treadmill workouts and maintain balanced glute development, incorporate these exercises and stretches:

Glute Bridges: Lie on your back on the ground with your knees bent. Raise your hips while contracting your glute muscles at the top of the movement. This exercise strengthens and tones your glute muscles.

Bridge exercise for bigger butt

Piriformis Stretch: The piriformis muscle can become tight and impact glute activation. Stretch it by sitting with one leg crossed over the other and gently pulling your knee towards your chest.

Foam Rolling: Regularly foam roll your glutes to release any muscle tension or knots. This can improve blood flow and help your glutes recover faster.

Treadmill Workout Routines to Achieve a Smaller Bum

Here are some sample treadmill workouts designed to help target and tone the glutes, possibly contributing to a smaller, more toned bum. Remember to start your exercise routiune with a warm-up and cool-down for each workout. 

Glute-Focused Treadmill Workout

Warm-up: Start with a 5-minute brisk walk or light jog.

Glute Activation:

Interval 1: Set the treadmill incline to 5% and walk uphill for 5 minutes at a brisk pace.

Interval 2: Increase the incline to 10% and walk uphill for 5 minutes.

Interval 3: Reduce the incline to 5% and jog moderately for 5 minutes.

Interval 4: Increase the incline to 10% and jog for 5 minutes.

Repeat this cycle for 30-40 minutes.

Glute-Blasting Treadmill Intervals

Warm-up: Begin with a 5-minute brisk walk.

High-Intensity Intervals:

Interval 1: Sprint at maximum effort for 30 seconds.

Interval 2: Recover with a slow walk for 60 seconds.

Repeat Interval 1 and Interval 2 for 15-20 minutes. Finish with a 5-minute cooldown walk.

Booty-Building Treadmill and Strength Workout

Warm-up: Start with a 5-minute brisk walk.

Combination Workout:

Interval 1: Run at a moderate pace for 2 minutes.

Interval 2: Hop off the treadmill and perform 15 bodyweight squats.

Interval 3: Return to the treadmill and run faster for 2 minutes.

Interval 4: Hop off and do 15 walking lunges (each leg).

Repeat this cycle for 30-40 minutes. Finish with a 5-minute cooldown walk.

Hill Climbing Treadmill Routine

Warm-up: Begin with a 5-minute brisk walk.

Hill Climbing:

Interval 1: Set the treadmill incline to 10% and walk uphill slowly for 5 minutes.

Interval 2: Increase the incline to 15% and walk uphill for 5 minutes at a faster pace.

Interval 3: Reduce the incline to 5% and jog moderately for 5 minutes.

Interval 4: Increase the incline to 15% and jog uphill for 5 minutes.

Repeat this cycle for 30-40 minutes.

Best Diet to Complement Treadmill Workouts for a Smaller Bum

You can adopt a diet that supports muscle toning and overall fat loss, which may indirectly result in a smaller bum:

Balanced Diet: Focus on a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. This will provide essential nutrients for overall health and support muscle development.

Caloric Deficit: To lose body fat, you must consume fewer calories than you burn. Calculate your daily calorie needs and aim for a modest deficit (usually 250-500 calories daily) to encourage gradual fat loss.

Avoid Processed Foods: Minimize processed and sugary foods, as they often contribute to excess calorie intake and can hinder weight loss efforts.

Cardiovascular Health: Include heart-healthy foods like oily fish, seeds, and nuts in your diet to support cardiovascular health.

Are There Any Health Concerns to Consider When Using a Treadmill?

Running or walking on a treadmill can stress your joints, particularly the knees and ankles. To mitigate this, choose a treadmill with cushioning and ensure your running/walking form is correct. If you have joint issues or concerns, consult a healthcare professional before starting a treadmill regimen.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, treadmills are generally safe for most people, but if you have heart disease or other cardiovascular issues, it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Ensure that you monitor your heart rate and stay within safe limits.

How Often and How Long Should I Use the Treadmill to See Results?

The frequency and duration of treadmill workouts required to see results depend on your fitness goals and current fitness level. Here are some general guidelines:

Weight Loss: For weight loss, aim to engage at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as jogging per week. 

You can break this down into 30-minute sessions five days a week. Gradually increase the duration and intensity as you become fitter.

Cardiovascular Fitness: Aim for 3-5 days of treadmill exercise per week, with sessions ranging from 20-60 minutes, depending on your fitness level. Interval training can be particularly effective for boosting cardiovascular health.

Muscle Toning: Consider incorporating incline settings on the treadmill. Aim for 3-4 days of treadmill workouts per week, lasting 30-60 minutes, and include strength training exercises on non-treadmill days.

Is Your Treadmill the Secret to a Smaller Backside?

The treadmill can be a valuable tool in your fitness journey, contributing to overall weight loss and body fat reduction. While it won’t magically make your bum smaller in isolation, when combined with a balanced diet and targeted glute exercises, it can help you achieve a toned and sculpted lower body.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, and results may vary from person to person. The key is consistency and dedication to your treadmill workouts and overall wellness.

By following expert advice on proper form, incorporating inclines, and adding strength exercises, you can work towards your fitness goals.

So, ladies, whether you’re striving for a smaller bum, improved cardiovascular fitness, or enhanced muscle tone, the treadmill, paired with a well-rounded fitness routine, can help you achieve your aspirations!

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