Best Butt Pills

It is no secret that people are captivated by nice-looking butts. It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman, or what gender you find yourself interested in. However, not everyone naturally has a big butt, and many people want to try their best to make their own butts bigger. There are many ways to do this, including through surgeries, fillers, and exercise. The first two are the fastest ways to do it, but diet and exercise, being the natural ways to do it, end up taking the longest.

However, now, many companies have come out with pills aimed to enhance your butt. These pills work hard to increase fat content in your butt as opposed to in other areas.

In this article, we will be talking about the best butt enhancement pills that are popular and high-rated, and we will also be letting you know all about how these pills make your butt bigger.

Different Types of Butt Enhancement Pills

As with any new substance that you introduce to your body, it is important to be aware of the different characteristics that will help you decide upon pills that make your butt bigger and what objectives to consider.

There are not many types of butt enhancement pills; all of them claim to do the same thing. So, you just have to be careful and keep an eye out on all their different key features and claims.

Pills with Natural Ingredients

Most butt enhancement pills contain only natural ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients include chickpeas, green peas, and peanuts. Considering that many people do have peanut allergies, it is important that you closely identify the ingredients that different butt enhancement pills contain before you go to purchase them.

It is important to mention that the pills sold by the brand Major Curves have ingredients such as synthetic colors and titanium dioxide, but they are contained in such low quantities that it is extremely unlikely that you will face any side effects.

Gluteboost Brand

One of the most popular brands on the market aimed at enlarging your buttocks is called Gluteboost. As the name suggest, it works with natural ingredients to send higher amounts of estrogen throughout your body so that it can store more fat in your butt than in your stomach. It also works to increase muscle growth and cause water weight loss in your belly.

The other key thing to note about the pills offered by Gluteboost is that they contain all-natural ingredients, which will come with minimal side effects.

The five key ingredients in Gluteboost pills are maca root, dong quai, saw palmetto, wild yams, and soy extract. These all work to increase the amount of estrogen in your body and to build muscle.

Major Curves Brand

Another rather popular brand that offers butt enlargement pills is called Major Curves. This brand claims that it will help people who take the pills to naturally get a more hourglass type of figure. The product aims to increase fat content around your butt, hips, and thighs, while decreasing the amount of fat around your tummy.

However, despite being all-natural, some people did not like these pills. It is also important to note that the pills offered by this brand are meant to be taken twice per day, which might be difficult for some people. And, there have been no formal studies conducted regarding this brand, nor has there been any FDA evaluations surrounding it. So, be sure to read any reviews about this brand carefully, and take these pills at your own discretion.

Top 5 Best Butt Enlargement Pills

The major factors that people look for in butt enlargement pills are price, the ingredients, and their effectiveness. These are the things that are most important for consumers, and the criteria that they rate different butt growth pills based off of.

We only want to give you advice regarding products that consumers themselves have labeled to be the best of the best. Reading the different reviews and descriptions will definitely help you to make your decision. Here are the top five butt enlargement pills as rated by consumers.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement Enlargement Capsules

Major Curves Butt Enhancement and Enlargement Capsules (1 Bottle)

Although not everyone on the planet is so keen about the Major Curves butt enhancement supplements, these are one of the most highly reviewed pills out there. With almost five stars and over 3,000 reviews, it’s pretty safe to consider the pills offered by this brand to be some of the best ones on the market.

The Major Curves pills are offered in bottles that have 60 pills in them. This is the equivalent to a supply of one month. The instructions state that you must take the pill twice per day- once in the morning when you wake up, and once at night before you go to sleep. Try not to forget to take these pills; perhaps write it down or put a reminder on your phone, because if you do forget to take the pills, it will take a lot longer for you to see any sort of results.

Many of the people who reviewed this product said that they were genuinely surprised by the fact that it worked for them. For something they thought was a gimmick, this ended up working very well, especially for people who had flat butts. Of course, pills that make your butt look bigger won’t work for everyone, but most of the reviewers were happily surprised that this pill actually worked for them out of all the other ones they had tested.

If you have any allergies to green peas, chickpeas, or peanuts, make sure that you avoid taking these pills, as they contain extracts of all these ingredients. The main ingredients include fenugreek seed, fennel seed, wild yam, saw palmetto berries, L-Tyrosine, blessed thistle, kelp, dong quai, mother’s wort, gelatin, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and red and blue coloring.

The way that this pill claims to work is through creating more estrogen in your butt, thighs, and hips. Estrogen is a hormone which essentially creates curves in the female body. Since estrogen will be increased naturally around your buttocks, this pill claims to be able to give the area a more shapely appearance.

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Booty Magic Ultra Butt Enhancement Pills

Booty Magic Ultra Butt Enhancement Pills - 2 Month Supply

These pills are also highly rated on the Internet by many customers. When you go to purchase this, you will get a four month supply- two bottles filled with 60 capsules. These butt enhancement supplements claim to give you results within a month or two, and some people are said to have been able to see results within a matter of weeks. It also claims that you will not gain weight in places of your body that you do not desire to, as these pills will only target your butt and hips.

Unlike the Major Curve pills, you only need to take the Booty Magic supplements once per day when you have finished your meal. It is considered to be completely natural, too. The ingredients in these pills include fenugreek extract, aguaje, maca root, dong quai, L-Tyrosine, chasteberry extract, saw palmetto, blessed thistle, fennel, wild yam, red clover, gelatin, cellulose, and magnesium stearate. It is not recommended that you take these pills if you have not eaten yet, and absolutely avoid these pills once again if you are allergic to chickpeas, green peas, or peanuts. Don’t use them if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, and don’t attempt to treat any health problems with these pills.

Again, many people who have reviewed this product expressed their surprise at how something that was seemingly a gimmick actually worked out for them, and gave them a supple and fuller booty within a matter of months. These butt enhancement pills work to create extra fat cells around your butt and thighs, which will then give you the appearance of a much fuller butt. Some people have said that once upon a time, they used to have flat butts, and now thanks to these pills, their butts are much fuller.

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Booty Besty Butt Enhancement Supplement

XtraBody Butt Enhancement and Breast Enlargement Supplement - Estrogen Enhancer - Increases Libido, Reduces Menstrual Symptoms and Provides an Extra Boost of Energy (1 Bottle - 30 Capsules)

These supplements are not the most popular, but they do have some of the highest ratings out of all the pills that make your butt bigger. Upon ordering, you will get one bottle that has 60 capsules in it- enough for two months, as you are supposed to take one pill per day on a full stomach.

The brand itself claims that these pills are some of the most high quality ones on the market, and are made with natural ingredients. The ingredients contained in these pills are very similar to the ones in other pills: fenugreek extract, dong quai, fennel seed, blessed thistle, dandelion root, kelp powder, watercress powder, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin E. As with all the other pills, avoid these if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

These butt enhancement pills also claim to be able to increase the size of your butt by approximately 40 percent, and they were manufactured in a facility that is FDA approved.

Almost all the individuals who have reviewed this product stated that they did not feel any negative side effects upon taking it, and they received the pills quickly in the mail. They said that they were able to feel a small difference after a short time of taking them.

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IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Enhancement Pills

IsoSensuals Curve Butt Enhancement Pills (60 Day Supply)

The IsoSensuals pills come with 60 capsules per bottle, and claim to be able to make your butt, hips, and thighs larger. It is also said that if you purchase the butt enhancement cream with the same name, you will get even faster and more effective results.

It also claims that you will not get any side effects from taking these pills, because they are made with all-natural ingredients. And, the pills also contain something called a time release formula, which essentially makes sure that the pills work in your body all day long. This means that you are supposed to see results a lot faster. As well as the other pills, these were manufactured in the USA, in facilities that were approved by the FDA. Among some of the other claims, it states that you are not supposed to gain fat anywhere else other than your butt and thighs.

Some of the ingredients include aguaje, maca root, soy, wild yam, L-Tyrosine, saw palmetto, dong quai, vitex berries, false unicorn herb powder, fenugreek seed, gelatin, cellulose, and magnesium stearate. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor if you take other medicines or if you have illnesses before you go on to take these pills, and they are also not recommended if you happen to be pregnant or nursing. You should take one pill every day when you have eaten.

These butt growth pills have over 2,000 reviews and four stars. While, of course, some people claim that these pills did not do anything for them, others were happy with the results they had after a month or so of use. Many noticed that they had to get a larger pant size and that their butts got noticeably larger after a while.

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Curve Capsules for Women Natural Supplement

Curves Capsules for Women - Natural Supplement - 1000 mg per Serving - Butt and Breast Enhancement Pills - Aguaje and Red Maca Root from Peru - Pdf Guide - Sikyriah

These pills do not come from a widely known brand, but they do have reviews that claim that they are effective. Many of the women who bought these pills said that they noticed a different in the size of their butts and that these pills truly are effective.

One of the biggest things about these pills is that their only ingredients are aguaje and red maca. These both work to increase the amount of estrogen in your body to target fat growth around your butt and hips. It is recommended that you take 2 capsules with a meal.

The brand claims that since these pills are all-natural, you should be able to see results within 2-3 months, though it will depend based on your body. It also says that if you add exercise to the equation, you will see results a lot sooner. The pills were manufactured in Peru in a facility that is FDA approved.

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Other High-Quality Brands of Butt Enhancement Pills

The five brands we mentioned above tend to be the most popular. However, they are not the only ones that you can choose from. There are other brands on the market that offer equally high-quality butt enhancement pills, that are, once again, safe and made with natural ingredients. Here are some other options for you to decide from.

Booty Maxx Fast Acting All Natural Butt Enlargement Pills

Booty Maxx Cream and Pills Kit - Glute Enhancement Cream - Natural Cream Promoting a Bigger Butt for Women - Helps Reduce Cellulite and Supports Booty Growth

These pills also do not come from a very popular brand, but they are rated with four out of five stars. The butt enlargement pills work to make your butt larger and firmer, and claim to have long-lasting results. Each bottle contains 60 pills, and you are supposed to take two pills per day at the same time. It is said that you should see results after approximately 3-6 months of use. Make sure that you are taking two pills, not one, and make sure that you take them everyday for maximum results. People said that they were genuinely pleased with the results they got and noticed that their butts became firmer.

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PureBody Vitamins- The #1 Butt and Breast Enhancement Pills All-In-One Formula

PureBody Vitamins - The #1 Butt and Breast Enhancement Supplement - All-in-One Formula - 30 Capsules

Not only do these pills claim to make your butt bigger, but they also claim to make your breasts larger too, and your waist smaller. These pills claim to have completely natural ingredients, so you are not expected to have any side effects other than the enhancement of your body. You are supposed to take 1 or 2 pills per day with water, and it is said that you should see results within 3-6 months. Several women have said that they noticed results within three months and did not experience any negative side effects.

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Gluteboost Best Butt Enhancement Pills

Gluteboost - BootyDream Butt Enhancement Combo Kit - Natural Buttocks and Curve Enlargement Cream and Pills and Maca Stack Maca Root Supplement - 1 Month Supply

Gluteboost is one of the most popular brands available when it comes to butt enhancement pills. There are hundreds of reviews all over the Internet attesting to the effectiveness of these pills. They claim to be able to enhance the size of your butt by about 40 percent, and contain all natural ingredients, which are not known to cause any side effects. Some people say that they have seen results within a span of 4-12 weeks, especially if they have used to cream that is available for purchase along with the pills. You do not even technically need to be following a diet or exercise routine in order to see the expected results, but many people say that you should have some exercise routine in order to see results faster. These pills mostly contain the same ingredients as other butt enhancing pills.

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NutriQuest BubbleButt Enlargement Capsules

Bubble Butt Enhancement | Enlargement Capsules | Pills (1 Bottle) in Stock - Ships Today

These pills do not come from a very popular brand, but they do have four-star ratings. The company claims to provide results within a span of three months, and the natural ingredients in the pills target your butt and hips to increase fat. A lot of the women who have taken it said that they did notice results fairly quickly and were pleased with the effectiveness of the pill.

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Nutriment Bust & Butt Curve Enhance

Pure & Potent Butt Enhancer + Breast Enhancement Pills with Horny Goat Weed for Libido + Improve Breast Shape and Size as Well as Increasing The Size of Your Buttocks with Big Booty Pills

Once again, these buttocks enhancer pills do not come from a brand that is well-known, but the four-star reviews attest to the fact that there are people out there who find these pills to be effective. Not only do they claim to enhance the size of your butt, but they also claim to make your breasts fuller, too. The natural ingredients help to increase fat content in these areas and claim to give results within approximately 2 months.

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Bum Enhancement Pills Buying Guide

While most butt enhancement pills claim to do the same things, there are many different key points that you need to take into consideration before you go to buy any.

For example, you can check out this YouTube video talking about the pills offered by the brand Gluteboost, and all that they claim to offer.

Check the Ingredients

When you go to choose a pill to take, it is important for you to check up on the ingredients. This is especially an essential step if you have any allergies. It is critical to note, however, that most butt enhancement pills are made with natural ingredients, so butt enhancement pills tend to be a lot safer than other pills. Look to see what herbal extracts are available in the pills you are deciding upon. And make sure that all the ingredients in the pills are natural; these will have the least amount of side effects. Different pills will have different ingredients. If you have allergies to any kinds of herbs or herbal extracts, do your research thoroughly before committing to a pill that might cause you to have an allergic reaction.

Read Reviews Carefully

Especially taking into consideration the fact that butt enhancement supplements are going to be ingested, and could potentially have an affect on your body, it is key that you read what other people are saying about them. Of course, the way something affects one person will be different than the way it will affect another person. But, that does not mean that you should go out and purchase butt supplements that have many negative reviews and that most people who used them did not like. Make sure to seek out products that have had a lot of reviews, and understand that some of the people reviewing butt enhancement pills might have simply given them a negative rating because they expected the pills to work overnight (or, they gave the pills a positive rating because they were paid to do so). Reading descriptions and questions and answers sections will also help you to get as much information as you need.

Keep an Eye Out for Price

No one wants to spend an exorbitant amount of money on, well, anything. But it is also important to note that just because something is cheap does not mean that you should get it or that it is high quality. There are many people in this industry who are simply looking to scam others out of money. They do not care at all about how safe the products they are putting out on to the market are or how those products might negatively affect the people who are using them. So, if you come across butt enhancement supplements that are sold for much cheaper prices than the other ones available, be aware. Don’t become a victim of a fraud.

Look at the Results Time

Before you make the decision to take pills to make your buttocks larger, it is important to note that, as with any medication or change you introduce to your body, you will not wake up the next morning to see that you magically grew the butt of your dreams. You have to keep in mind that it might take weeks before you see any real changes. Having unrealistic expectations about this process is what led many people to premature disappointment.

However, some pill companies claim to have faster results than others. As well as the other factors we listed, you might want to take these times into consideration.

For example, the soonest that butt enhancement pills will cause any noticeable changes to your body will be within four to five weeks. This, of course, depends on your body type and many other personal factors. Some other pills might take as long as 12 to 15 weeks before you notice any changes.

Besides results, you also should take into consideration how many pills will come with your order. Some brands will send you a month’s worth of supply, and others will send you two months. It depends on how many you need, where you live, and what is most comfortable for you.

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Your Body Type

Going along with unrealistic expectations, you also need to take your own body into consideration. Understand that if the people in your family are genetically predisposed to having smaller figures, it is not highly likely that you will have extremely fast results.

You also need to think twice about taking buttocks enhancer pill supplements if you happen to be pregnant or nursing. Not enough research has been done to determine the effects of butt enlargement pills on the body in those circumstances, so most recommend that you avoid these pills until you’re done nursing.


With all the different brands available on the market selling pills claiming to increase the size of the buttocks, it might become difficult for you to make a decision. But it is important to read all the reviews as carefully as possible, as well as product descriptions and details, before you jump into making a decision. Remember to see what ingredients the products offer before you purchase any, especially if you have allergies.

What’s most important here is that you have patience, and don’t beat yourself up or feel discouraged if the product hasn’t made any difference after a month’s worth of use. It will definitely take you sometimes before you see any results- and don’t expect that you will have a butt to rival a Kardashian’s, either.

It is important that you love yourself and the body you are in, regardless of how large or small your butt is!