Does Estrogen Make Your Buttocks Bigger?

Having a big butt has been a sign of fertility and youth for ages, although its popularity for women has significantly increased over the past several years. Once upon a time, having a thin body was in style, but now, everyone seems to be finding ways to increase the size of their butts.

Women mainly store more fat in their hips than men due to the estrogen hormone. But how much of an effect estrogen plays on the size of your butt is contested.

This article will examine whether or not estrogen makes your butt bigger and other information regarding making your backside look even larger and more voluptuous.

Increase Butt Size

First, let us answer how much of a role estrogen plays in the size of your body. We all know that women have bigger hips than men, mainly meant to accommodate a newborn baby in their relatively small bodies.

This is due to the female hormone estrogen. But some people want to know if this is one of the major hormones for bigger buttocks. This is why some women wonder if the pill makes their butt bigger.

In a study of women who aimed to determine how estrogen affects fat accumulation, scientists infused estrogen in women’s butts and bellies at night. Then, they gave these women drugs to help burn fat.

The results were that estrogen prevented fat from breaking down in the belly but not in the butt. Likewise, when women were required to exercise, they lost weight in their abdomen area but not so much in the butt.

does estrogen make your butt bigger

The scientists concluded that estrogen’s influence on the size of the butt depends on adipose tissue.

Adipose tissue is an organ that produces estrogen, especially in women who have gone through menopause. However, it also stores fat, especially in the lower body.

To conclude, estrogen alone might not be the hormone for a bigger booty that gives people bigger butts. Still, women have nine times the number of estrogen receptors in that area, making them more likely to have larger hips and butts than men and have more fat around that area.

But let’s say that fortune did not bless you with a large butt. What happens, then? Luckily, there are some ways to enhance the size of your buttocks that don’t even necessarily involve gaining weight.

Here is all the information you need to make your buttocks bigger and give you the desired results.

1. Does sex make your butt bigger?

One of the most commonly asked questions is if sex makes your butt bigger, mainly, “Does hitting it from the back make you thicker.”

While some people claim that they were able to get bigger butts just from sex, some studies and information show that this may be due to a change in the perception of body image as opposed to sex itself. For example, you may like how your body looks more after sex.

Although sex does stimulate hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, it doesn’t have a long-term effect, which means that it probably isn’t going to be making your butt bigger, no matter what position you prefer.

2. Are there estrogen pills for buttocks?

There are tons of pills on the market that claim to be able to increase the size of your butt. Ones that contain estrogen claim that they will work quickly, particularly pills with maca root extract.

estrogen pills bigger buttocks

While these bigger butt pills do exist, it is always important to take such claims with a grain of salt and never get supplements without the prior approval of your doctor. Estrogen pills for your booty shouldn’t be your first choice; try other options.

You may also want to check out our article on the best pills for butt enhancement, which are not hormone-based and have very high reviews and feedback from customers who have used them.

3. Why do buttocks become big?

The size of your butt depends on many factors, such as genetics, body structure, and lifestyle. However, we all know that exercises such as squats and lunges can help you get a bigger butt.

But while you might not like hearing this, it’s essential to realize that much more work goes into getting a large butt. Therefore, your exercise routine should focus on your whole body and include cardio and strength training.

Focusing on your diet, including lean proteins and good fats, would be best. These are the best ways in which you can increase your butt size.


Estrogen is the hormone in our body responsible for women having larger hips and butts than men, but some may have bigger butts than others due to the receptors in adipose tissue.

The best ways to increase the size of your butt are through having a good diet and exercise routine.

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