What Are The Different Types Of Booty Shape?

Have you ever wondered why some jeans fit perfectly on your friend but look completely different on you? It’s because everyone’s body shape is unique, including the shape of their booty. Yes, you read that right – there are different booty shapes!

Knowing your booty shape can help you find the right clothes to flatter your figure and feel confident in your skin. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of booty shapes and provide tips on how to dress for your figure.

Whether you have a round, square, heart-shaped, or inverted triangle booty, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and learn more about the fascinating world of booty shapes!

What Causes the Different Types of Butt Shapes?

Several factors, including genetics, gender, age and lifestyle, determine the shape of an individual’s buttocks. Genetics plays a significant role in determining the size, shape and overall firmness of one’s butt. Genes provide the basic framework for the body type, though some individuals may be predisposed to certain body shapes due to their genetic makeup.

Gender also plays a role in determining the shape of one’s buttocks. For example, women typically have more fat deposits on their hips and thighs than men, making them appear rounder or curvier. Age can also cause changes to the size and shape of an individual’s butt over time, as age-related hormonal changes and lifestyle factors can cause the fat distribution to change.

What are the main types of Booty shapes?

Here are the main types of booty shapes, each with unique characteristics and appeal. 

Apple Booty:

The fuller bottom and rounder curves define the apple booty. In addition, it has a lot of fullness in the hip area, which makes it appear larger or wider than other booty shapes. This is one of the most popular booty shapes, as it gives an hourglass look with its wide hips and smaller waist. Apple-shaped bottoms are often enhanced by clothes that draw attention to the waist, such as high-waisted pants and skirts.

Square Booty:

The square booty is a type of shape with an even, symmetrical look with a flatness that makes it appear almost rectangular. The lack of curves gives this shape a boxy appearance, though it can be enhanced with clothing choices that draw attention to the waist. High-waisted jeans and skirts can effortlessly craft the illusion of turning your square bum into a rounder one.

Heart-Shaped Booty:

The heart-shaped booty is defined by its shape, which resembles the top half of a heart. It has more fullness in the bottom portion than the top, giving it a curvier look than other shapes. This booty type is often enhanced by high-waisted jeans and skirts that draw attention to the waist.

Inverted Triangle Booty:

The inverted triangle booty is a type of shape that has a smaller bottom and wider hips. This type of shape tends to have more fullness in the hip area, making it appear triangular when viewed from the side. Add volume to the bottom with pleated skirts and wide-leg pants to enhance an inverted triangle booty.

Pear Booty:

The pear booty is one of the most common types of booty shape. It is characterized by a smaller waistline and wider hips, giving it the appearance of a pear shape. The lower body has more volume and curves, while the upper half is less rounded. This type of booty is often seen as very feminine and can be flattering on those with curves in all the right places.

Spoon Shape:

Spoon shape is a popular booty type. It’s characterized by a round, curvy butt with a larger top and tapers to the bottom, resembling a spoon shape. The sides often curve outwards, creating an hourglass figure. This booty type is often found in women with smaller waists, accentuating their curves. Spoon shape can also be enhanced with clothing choices that draw attention to the waist.

Round Booty:

Round booty is probably the most recognizable and popular shape of booty. It’s characterized by a perfectly round, bubble-like shape that pops out at all angles. Round booties are typically more compact than other shapes and can be further enhanced with squats and other exercises to strengthen the glutes. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce are known for their signature round booty look.

Flat Butt:

Flat butt, or “no booty” as it is sometimes referred to, is a common type of booty shape that describes when the buttocks are flat with no definition or curves. This is usually due to a lack of muscle tone in the glutes and hamstrings, which can lead to a more flattened appearance. People with this type of booty shape may find it difficult to find clothing that flatters their figure, so they often turn to padded or booty-enhancing underwear to add shape and curves.

Fashion Tips for Different Booty Shapes

Now that you know the different types of booty shapes, it’s time to learn how to dress for your shape. Different styles will look better on some booty shapes than others, so remember this when shopping for clothes.

Try clothing with ruching or gathering near the waist and hips for Apple Booty shapes. High-waisted jeans and skirts can also help to create a balanced silhouette. You can even adjust your jeans to suit your specific buttocks shape.

For Pear Booty shapes, look for clothing that will make the upper portion appear fuller and draw attention away from the larger bottom half. Tops with ruffles or details near the neckline can do this, as well as wide-leg pants and A-line skirts.

Try items with side pockets or details near the hips to flatter Heart Booty shapes. Low-rise trousers can help to create an hourglass silhouette, while darker colors will add definition to your curves.

For Square Booty shapes, look for clothing that cinches the waist and adds volume to the lower half. Flared jeans, pleated skirts, and empire-waist dresses are great options.

Finally, Inverted Triangle Booty shapes should try clothing that balances the top and bottom portions. High-waisted trousers, wide-leg jumpsuits, and wrap dresses are a few suggestions.

Can I change my booty shape?

Yes, you can change your booty shape! The different types of booty shapes are generally classified into four main categories: square, round, heart-shaped, and flat.

Square booties are characterized by an even distribution of fat across the bottom with a slightly squared-off appearance. This booty type is most associated with weightlifting or strength training since you’ll need to work your glute muscles to create the desired shape.

Round booties are larger and rounder in appearance compared to square booties, often with more fat accumulation in the lower portion. To achieve this type of shape, you’ll need to focus on exercises that target the glutes while also working on your cardio.

Heart-shaped booties are similar to round booties in that they are larger and curvier but more defined in the middle portion. To achieve this type of shape, you’ll need to focus on exercises targeting the glutes and hamstrings while working on your core strength.

Finally, flat booties are characterized by a lack of definition and curves. To achieve this type of shape, you’ll need to focus on gaining muscle tone in the glutes and hamstrings and doing plenty of cardio.

What Butt Shape Do You Have?

When it comes to identifying your own butt shape, there are a few different types of shapes that you can have.

Now that you know more about the different types of booty shapes and how to dress for your shape, you can feel confident in any outfit!

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